Once so shy I couldn’t make eye contact with comfort, I am now an outgoing introvert with a TV audience of 96 million households on HSN. Who could have guessed that this shy girl would become a TV Show Host? I love sharing the fabulous feeling of finding the right gift for yourself or someone you love, so it’s a perfect job fit. Passion drives me, and I have many passions. I am also a Yoga Teacher, a happy wife, an inspirational speaker/storyteller, and an aspiring author.

My DNA is infused with the importing business my father started, which explains my passion for giftware and collectibles. Born in India, my father Sajjan Singh Sarna came to America in 1929 for his education. A natural, creative salesman, he discovered that Americans were hungry for handcrafted treasures from India—incense, fine embroidered goods, and, especially, bells! In 1938, after having a dream about a cow bell ringing and floating in the air, he purchased more bells and created a brand for his treasures: The Bells of Sarna. He named each bell and attached a story tag about the bell’s purpose and history in India. Whether new or antique, made of wood or brass, the elephant bells, cow bells, and bells of every size and shape sold quickly. He fell in love with my mom, who he met in New York City, and they married. A force of nature herself in design and fashion, she was his true soul mate, in life, and in business. They were the first to do quality control in India and imported millions of beautiful Sarna Bells to America.

Like my parents, I am a Marketer, infatuated with branding and product development. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Florida. The Sarasota, Florida yoga studio I owned for 10 years is one of my biggest accomplishments. During this period, I created two television programs: an instructional Yoga show and a talk show on Natural Healing. After, I traveled the world for a year, teaching Business Skills to women and speaking about “How to project a powerful positive image.” I’ve been humbled with awards, for helping people manage conflict, coaching on corporate diplomacy, and giving compassion to people who drive us nuts. Public relations, cold-sales calling, and fundraising flesh out my resume. Throughout my life, I have been a passionate rock-hound, collecting gemstones and studying them along the way. This passion led me to become a Graduate Gemologist from The Gemological Institute of America

When I joined HSN in 1999, I found my niche.  HSN offers me the chance to be a jeweler, a home decor consultant, and a stylist, though the products I present.

In my free time, I am also writing a book/screenplay/musical about my parents’ adventures as they traveled throughout the world, creating and importing gifts, jewelry, and textiles. The story is about their lives and their love for each other, with a “rags-to-riches” twist we can all learn from today.

13 thoughts on “Bio

  1. I stumbled upon your father’s story while researching where my grandmother’s little brass bells came from, then found your website…
    Hope to read your novel one day!

    • Thank you Jane..sorry it took me so darn long to reply to you. What a super sweet message. I hope to have you read my novel one day too! I love that you still have your Sarna Bells..

  2. My daughter, Elizabeth Singer, and I, knew you way back when you were selling supplements and teaching yoga here in Sarasota. Your successes are outstanding. You are as gorgeous as ever. We are so proud to know you and wish you all the best in all your endeavors.

  3. Shivan,You are a knockout.My jaw hits the floor when I see you.Thank you for giving all of us a part of your life.You are breathtaking..

  4. Hi Shivan. Let’s see if you remember… I was your tearcher at the International Play Group, along with Mrs. Russell, when you were 3! I’m delighted 2CUR doing so well but so sorry to read about the passingof your lovely mother.

    • I remember International Play Group and having flags at our desks like place cards. I was 3! Can you believe I remember even that? Thank you for saying your sweet hello. I hope you are well. Thank you for your service as a teacher. It worked for me! Happy New Year!

  5. Hi
    Last year I opened a café in Brooklyn.
    The owner who past away had a store there which sold china, trinkets, brass and tons of other stuff. The family didn’t want the stuff. I took it and us still at a warehouse. One of the items I found were Sarna Bells. I’ve Google searched them, but I can’t seem to find the ones I have. One of the Sarna Bells I have says Gunna. It has a Santa Claus attached to a bell. There are three attached to a green rope.
    Another one I have says elephant Sarna bell.
    It’s not the same as the ones I find when I Google Elephant Sarna Bells. The one I have has an elephant attached to the bell. There are also 3 of them attached to a rope. Can you help me with these.

  6. Hi Shivan, I’ve watched you on HSN so many times over the years and wondered about your ethnicity. After googling your name, I came across your life story – and what a wonderful story it is! Who would have thought you were shy at one time because you are such a natural on TV! Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you’re a great show host and an absolute asset to HSN.

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